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 Pay to play, DLC and pre-order culture.

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PostSubject: Pay to play, DLC and pre-order culture.   Fri May 26, 2017 7:52 pm

We have entered into an age of gaming that produces, most often times, a false sense of scarcity and a unifying theme of nickel and diming consumers to drain more money from fan bases. Often times we are bombarded with meaningless DLC and pay to play games that entice us because of our devotion towards the IP. We pre-order games, now not because of scarcity but because pre-orders come bundled with the "complete" game experience. Often times we have to wait as gamers for patches and DLC to even enjoy the fullness of an already relatively expensive entertainment medium.

The pre-order culture is more focused on making the developer their money back more quickly and not about offering a more robust and enjoyable gaming experience. I don't know about you, but I like to see and watch reviews about a game before I buy them. Without them, and through pre-ordering a game, you may be wasting money on a terrible experience. This is exactly why I didn't fall into the hype of "No Man's Sky" or "Mighty No.9" because I knew nothing about how well the game actually played from a consumer's point of view. Glad that I did, too, in these cases as the games turned about to be terrible.

So should we go back to a full bundled game experience out of the box? Maybe, but I do like many DLC options when they are done right, because they should enhance an already complete and awesome game! They should not piecemeal an already lousy game into multiple DLC and patch downloads that is going to cost me, the consumer, almost double what the game is originally worth!

What do you think?
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Pay to play, DLC and pre-order culture.
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